Transformoney 2.0 Exhibition

On Saturday the 23rd of June Dadara’s new exhibition Transformoney 2.0 will open, showing the Art behind the Money.











Exhibition with banknote- and moneypaintings, objects, and drawings from the Art as Money and Exchanghibition Bank project. Also the first showing in public of the Transformoney Tree model, which will grow to become a big tree in the Nevada desert, and you can help by bringing a customized banknote to the opening. The coolest banknote will win a limited edition banknote print – these prints will be introduced for the first time at the opening! And last but not least there will also be the introduction of a special coin.

Gallery Famous, Weteringschans 83, Amsterdam. phone 020-4235423

Opening on the 23rd of June between 16.00 and 19.00

The Exchanghibition Bank will pop up as well, giving you a chance to acquire the new 011000010111001001110100 and 2.0 banknotes, which will be issued during the opening.

And come early so you won’t miss the opening performance!

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